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Welcome to my brand new travel and lifestyle blog „Lilly in Touch“!

I’m proud to announce the launch - not only of this blog – but also of my online store .

From now on, I’ll use this blog space in order to serve you with the most beautiful
photos of my favourite places around the the world, the freshest and most exciting
stories from my crew life, but also with brand new impressions of my LillyKunkelDesign
product range.

As I have four main passions in life, namely travel, food, design and photography, my
blog will provide you with a mash-up of these topics. No matter where I go – I’m always
interested in discovering the nicest spots and sharing my experience with you.

I’ll start with a story from the country of origin of the LillyKunkelDesign plam leaf
baskets: Morocco….

Marrakech – this royal oasis at the foot of the Atlas Mountains has it all.

When I was there for the first time in 2014 I was struck by the beauty of the rough
deserty landscapes and the Moroccan people.


Marrakech seems to have grown from an oasis in the desert. With the royal palace in the
centre, the ancient city walls, dividing the old town from the more modern
surroundings, with lush gardens, like Yves Saint Laurent’s „Jardin Majorelle“ and the
„Palmeraie“, the royal palm grove, Marrakech has many faces.

I particularly love the vibrant atmosphere in the old town’s Medina, with its souks and
hundreds of merchants, offering their goods for sale.

I recommend starting at the place Jemaa El Fnaa, just diving into the honeycomb of
connecting alleyways – having all five senses stimulated by the whiff of lemons, mint and
olives, the flavour of nuts and dry fruit, dazzling colours of handicrafts, like handwoven
carpets, leather goods and lanterns. Be careful: you’re likely to forget the time, being
entangled in the souks for hours.

That’s the place where I got the inspiration for my brand and for giving a new twist to
the Moroccan palm leaf baskets, which are traditionally handcrafted in Marrakech.


During an exciting, yet exhausting day in the souks, one has to take a rest from time to
time in order to recharge batteries. I recommend stopping by „Terrasse des Épices“
(, a well-hidden gem of a restaurant, for a delicious „Tagine
de poulet au citron confit“, a traditional dish, that will excite your taste buds.

This place is a real retreat from the hustle and bustle of the souks, where you can sit on
the spacious terrace and let your eye wander over the rooftops of the Medina, while
having a Moroccan lunch.


I was there shortly before it started to rain, which explains the dark clouds. But
nevertheless, or – exactly for this reason - I found this place just magical.


Another place worth a stop is the „Café Kremm“, a beautiful oriental spot for a coffee
break, belonging to the beautiful boutique hotel „Palais Khum“ (,
which is located in an old riad that was restored and with great attention to detail
equipped with authentic moroccan antiques.


Unfortunately, I had no time to try the wellness-area, but the pool looked very inviting.


After a lovely day in the souks, I needed a little less action, so I visited the „Jardin
Majorelle“ at Rue Yves St. Laurent. As the street name implies, this lovely private garden
was created by fashion designer icon Yves Saint Laurent, whom called the bright blue
estate in the middle of this lush green oasis home.


When in Marrakech, it’s a must do to take a walk through the beautifully designed
garden with its meter high cactuses, palm trees and fountains and finally stop off for a
coffee at Café Bousafsaf.


If you feel like spoiling yourself with a wellness day and sunbathing by the pool, stop by
Beldi Country Club (, a hidden spot near the Medina, which
also offers a store with artisanal pottery work and a little restaurant, surrounded by a
rosegarden. The food is not the best I had in Marrakech, but what I really enjoyed about
this place is the atmosphere in the tent-style open-air restaurant.


I’d like to finish this post with two last recommendations for dinner and drinks. You
should definately check out the super hip Hivernage quarter at night. Start with dinner at Le Palace Restaurant (, a hot-spot – not only for
tourists but also for locals. Enjoy the contemporary french and local cuisine before you
start into the night.

Afterwards, the nearby „Comptoir Darna“ is a great spot for fancy drinks in a dark
oriental atmosphere. You should definately try the Passion Lychee while watching the
belly dance show.


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 Lot’s of travelove ?✈️❤️ Lilly

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